Escitalopram is an inhibitor of isozyme anavar results. Caution must be exercised with concomitant administration of escitalopram and medical drugs metabolized by this isoenzyme, and having a small therapeutic index, eg flecainide, propafenone and metoprolol (in cases of heart failure), or medicines, mainly metabolized by the , such as desipramine antidepressant clomipramine, nortriptyline, or antipsychotics risperidone, thioridazine, haloperidol. In these cases, a dose adjustment may be necessary.
Co-administration of escitalopram and desipramine or metoprolol resulting in a doubling of the concentration of the latter two drugs.
Escitalopram may slightly inhibit isoenzyme . Therefore, caution is advised during simultaneous use of escitalopram and medications metabolized anavar results.


Escitalopram should not be administered concurrently with  inhibitors. Escitalopram may be appointed 14 days after discontinuation of treatment irreversible  inhibitors and at least 1 day after discontinuing therapy reversible inhibitor . At least 7 days should elapse after stopping escitalopram before you can start treatment of non-selective inhibitors.

Antidepressants should not be given to children and adolescents under the age of 18 years due to an increased risk of suicidal behavior (suicide attempts and thoughts), hostility (with a predominance of aggressive behavior, tendency to confrontation and irritation). In the case of the decision to anavar results initiate antidepressant treatment the patient should be monitored carefully.

Effects on ability to drive or mechanisms
Although escitalopram has no effect on psychomotor activity, in the period of treatment is not recommended to drive or mechanisms.

In the application of drugs belonging to the therapeutic group , including escitalopram, following should be considered.
Some patients with panic disorder at the beginning of treatment with anavar results may experience increased anxiety. This paradoxical reaction usually disappears within the first two weeks of treatment. To reduce the likelihood of anxiogenic effect it is recommended to use a low initial dose.

It is necessary to stop the drug in case of seizures. Not recommended in patients with unstable epilepsy; under controlled seizures should be closely monitored. An increase in the frequency of seizures SSRIs, including escitalopram should be repealed.

Escitalopram should be used with caution in patients with mania / hypomania in history. With the development of mania escitalopram should be abolished.

In patients with diabetes mellitus treatment escitalopram may alter the level of blood glucose. Therefore, it may require dose adjustment of insulin and / or oral hypoglycemic drugs.