Directly affecting the smooth muscles of blood vessels, reduces their response to nutrients (epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, angiotensin, vasopressin). It has a vasodilating effect (particularly with regard to vessels of the brain), without significant effects on blood pressure. Exhibits anavar mild antihistamine activity, reduces the excitability of the vestibular apparatus, lowers the tone of the sympathetic nervous system.Erythrocyte membrane elasticity increases, their ability to deform, reducing blood viscosity. Muscle, increases resistance to hypoxia. Absorbed in the stomach and intestine. The maximum concentration in plasma after ingestion – 3.1 hours. Relationship to plasma proteins is 91%. Completely metabolized in the liver (by glyukuro-ning). The half-life is equal to – 4 hours. Displays in the form of metabolic-ing: 1/3 – 2/3 of the kidneys and – with the feces.

Indications for use.



  • symptoms of cerebrovascular insufficiency (dizziness, tinnitus, headache, memory loss, poor concentration);
  • vestibular disorders (including Meniere’s disease, vertigo, tinnitus, nystagmus, nausea and vomiting, labyrinthine origin);
  • kinetoses prevention ( “road sickness” – sea and air sickness);
  • Migraine anavar (prevention of attacks);
  • peripheral circulatory disorders: Raynaud’s disease, “intermittent” claudication, akrotsianoz, trophic disorders (including trophic and varicose ulcers).


    Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, children under 5 years.

    Be wary .

    Parkinson’s disease.

    Dosage and administration.

    Inside, after a meal.
    When cerebrovascular insufficiency: 25 mg three times a day. In case of violation of the peripheral circulation – at 50-75 mg three times a day. When vestibular disorders -. 25 mg three times per day
    the maximum recommended daily dose should not exceed 225 mg (9 tablets) per day. The course of treatment from a few weeks to several months. When anavar kinetoses ( “Road” disease): adults – 25 mg half an hour before the trip (if necessary repeated reception of 25 mg every 6 hours) for children from 5 years – half the dose recommended for adults.
    With a high sensitivity to the drug treatment start with 1/2 dose, increasing it gradually.